Dear Trader,

On Monday the 7th November 2011 the Pepperstone MT4 Server will be changing to GMT +2 hours.

Why are the times changing?

Pepperstone’s Server Time is based on “End of Day New York”, an internationally recognised rollover time for forex. With Daylight Saving Time ending in New York the relative GMT time will change from GMT +3 hours to GMT +2 hours.

How does this affect me?

The only noticeable change that you will experience is that the Market Watch time in MT4 will now be set at GMT+2. This might not affect your trading at all – however we are aware that the most likely change will be with your Expert Advisors. If you are using an EA with a GMT offset time then you must change the GMT offset to +2 just prior to the 7th November.

Server Time GMT+3 Hours
GMT Offset +3
Server Time GMT +2 Hours
GMT Offset +2

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, if you have any questions or need assistance we are here to help you.

Kind regards,

The Pepperstone Team


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要するに「夏時間が終了して標準時間(冬時間)に戻るので、GMT+3からGMT+2に変更になる」といったところですね。EAによってはGMT設定を見直す必要があるので、今週末に設定を見直して必要があれば変更を加えておく必要があります。エアログで使用しているEAの中でGMTの設定が関係あるのは、FOREX COMBO SYSTEMFOREX MEGADROIDSteady Winnerの三つですが、前二つは自動でGMTを調整してくれる機能がついているので、実質Steady Winnerのみとなります。該当するEAを動かしている方は気をつけてくださいな^^